How do I view my website before I change my DNS?

Tip: Using the YottaHost Website Preview‍ tool is a much simpler way of viewing websites before DNS changes

Using your computer Hosts File

Making some simple changes to your computer's hosts file will enable you to view a website which doesn't yet point to YottaHost.

It may be that you need to view/test your website on your YottaHost service before making the website public by changing DNS settings or transferring your domain.

If this required, then we recommend that you edit your computer hosts file to override where your computer thinks the website is hosted.


To do this on Windows, we would recommend Hosts File Editor application, which provides an easy interface for changing DNS records locally.


For those using Macs, then a similar application called Gas Mask can also be used to edit the hosts file.

In each case, the website domain, both with and without the www prefix, should be entered along with the IP address of your website on the YottaHost. You'll find your IP address located in the service details of your portal.

Please remember: these applications are not provided or supported by YottaHost.

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