YottaHost provide a Website Preview tool in your cPanel.

Login to your hosting control panel‍ and in the Domains section, you'll see the Website Preview icon.

Website Preview

When you click this icon, you'll be given a list of all domains configured in your hosting account.

Select the domain you wish to preview and click the 'Preview Website' button.

Can I preview using a temporary URL?

Preview Links

You will be taken to a page showing your preview link(s), please save these links. Do not save or bookmark the page you're viewing, only the links.

The links will be valid for 24 hours.

They're unique to your website and won't change but they will need to be re-activated after 24 hours by visiting cPanel and selecting the domain in the 'Preview Website' section again.

Do I need to reconfigure my CMS/app/website?

No, we automatically translate all URLs, so the preview link should just work for you.

Please do not configure your website to use the preview URL

Why 24 hours?

24 hours more than covers the typical working day sufficiently and reduces the chance of any SEO penalties or content being picked up by search spiders.

Spiders are denied via robots.txt, but not all crawlers will respect this.


Please contact support if you have and comments or experience any issues using the Website Preview.

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